Saturday, Sept 9, 1944

253rd day – 113 days follow



Mr. Hornblower and I had a talk about the village in back of the house .

Mrs. Hornblower and I pisces two bushels of wild grapes in an hour this morning.

After dinner, I went down to the river and looked in the eel trap and found some had been in it and got out again.

Then I went over to Walders and dug out about a third of his brook to make a place to put my eel car in.

I dug out three frogs, three small trout and three small eels.

Dug a deep hole and put the car in.

Wlader gave me a ride up on the hill we took Eric up and I took him in to see the girls. Saw Ernest Peters up there washing the beach wagon.

Thel and Eleanor went over to Mer Maynards auction and they bought two tables three rugs some dishes and a decanter and tumbler.

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