Sunday, Sept 10, 1944

254th day – 112 days follow


When I went up on the hill this AM I saw Harry and Mrs. H, they invited me to take a trip with them down to their bogs at Rochester.

The water heater furnace had burned out, took me about an hour to get it going right.

Came home down the valley and found beach plumbs galore and grapes.

Saw a cock pheasant behind my shop on Ida’s field.

Fannie Holma came over with Roger. Took the 12-30 PM bus to the Armory and the company took a bus to Brockton Fairground where we held the 28th Division State Guard Parade and inspection, we stood at attention and marched around for about two hours then we had a couple hours to ourselves.

I went around with Dean Eldridge.

The Fair attractions are not all there yet so there isn’t much of a show at present.

Saw the cock pheasant behind my garage.

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