Wednesday, Sept 13, 1944

257th day – 109 days follow

Rained all day today for the first time in months.

The boss came home this afternoon and he took me down to the beach club and I did some more work on the eel traps and I hope that they can’t get out now.

I got a letter from George today and he has been to London on a pass.

I got soaked in a hard shower while I was waiting for the bus.

We are going down to Freetown for a rifle shoot and gas chamber test.

Rode back as far as JBs corner with Dean Edlridge, walked from there as far as Litchfields when I met Thel coming to meet me.

Stopped in at Walders and he had had a plan of the whole of the Cliff St area.

Saw a large flock of swallows on the wires at Mantis point, the first time they have flocked up around here for four years.

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