Thursday, Sept 14, 1944

258th day – 108 days follow


Saw the boss this morning and had a talk with him about the valley.

Harry and Dimp went to Duxbury.

Mr. H is getting some fish heads for eel trap bait and he is going to bait it this afternoon.

Walder’s brother got here from Washington today.

Thel and I, Archie and Cozzette went to Brockton Fair, Ski and the kids in the Fellowship went with Mr. Mcgex.

I have never seen such a poor fair. They started to tear things down in the late afternoon on account of Hurrycane warnings. We got home around 9-30 PM, it was raining in sheets but the wind hadn’t got here.

I heard the Home Guard had been alerted, so I called them up and I was ordered to come to the Armory.

Packard came up and took me over to the Armory and all of the Co. was there.

We piled all our equipment on the drill floor, 11 PM electricity went off and some of us tried to sleep, most couldn’t.

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