Tuesday, Sept 19, 1944

263rd day – 103 days follow


Mowed and cleaned up rubbish all day.

Mr. Gilbert was up to look at the trellis and barn doors.

When I came home tonight Thel had agreed to go over to Picks and take care of the kids while they went out.

When we got over there, I went up to Howards and the kids were in bed and I sat on the porch smoking. About 9-30 the baby woke up squawking so I went in and took a flashlight and went up to see him.

He needed to be changed so I took off his diaper then the flashlight burned out and I couldn’t tell his legs from his body so I didn’t dare try to pin the clean pants on in the dark so I put him back in his crib and patted his back too he went to sleep then I tried to tiptoe out backwards and I backed in the wrong direction and ended up in an empty closet. That woke him up for good so finally I had to go down and get Thel, so we got a candle for light and she stayed there and I went down to Walders.

They got home at Midnight.

They didn’t’ tell us that the baby has a 10 PM bottle, no wonder he fussed.

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