Thursday, Sept 21, 1944

265th day – 101 days follow

Raked and mowed all day.

Heard that Chet Downey is still here.

Eleanor has just put up some Xmas boxes to send to George, I gave her one of my knives to send to him and to tell him he can open the first bottle of champaign he captures.

I hear that Tommy Fugazzi is coming home on a furlow.

Saw Charlie Sherman yesterday on Warren Avenue.

The town has got most of the trees off the main highways.

Betty Covell was here tonight and took two sweaters, she said Toot is much better now.

Mailed a card to White Fuel.

[This line seems to have been added later:

1962 Tommie Fugazzi was killed at sea.]

This image from the Plymouth High School, Plymouth, MA, Pilgrim, Yearbook, 1946 was sent by Conrad Covell and mentions Thomas E. Fugazzi.

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