Friday, Sept 22, 1944

266th day – 100 days follow


Put gold leaf on the weathervane.

Went down to the beach Club and put a door in the eel trap.

Thel took May up to Boston to see Toot.

Dave and my deeds came from the registry.

The freezing unti in the barn defrosted and I called up Mrs Withie and had her come over and take her stuff out of it. Then I knocked off all the ice and drained off the water and it started working again.

Stopped in to see Pic and Eric.

Howard’s family have gone back to Washington.

Eleanor came over to Picks and gave me a ride home.

Carl Rounds called THel up and he wants a group of men to look the church over and see if they think the church was damaged by lightning or the hurricane.

Lots of swallows, crows, and jays around this fall.

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