Saturday, Sept 23, 1944

267th day – 99 days follow


All the folks are on the hill this morning.

Let the air out of the radiators.

Lots of blue jays and swallows around now.

After dinner Bill came up and we went up to the Browns dig, we just got started when Thel came there and she said Mrs. H called up and said a radiator was leaking up on the hi;l.

So she took me up there and it was one in the attic. When I shut off the drop cocl there must have been a bit of rust got in the valve and it didn’t shut tight.

Thel took me back to Bill and I took a couple of pictures of a paved pit and a hearth and spent a couple of hours digging, I found one fine long triangular arrowhead 1 in across the base 1⅛ inches long, one good quartz white quartz scraper and one broken arrow point.

Bill found a couple of butts.

After supper Bill and Mrs Whiting came up and got in our car and we all went up to White Horse to the M.A.S. monthly meeting at WIllard Whitings.

There was 21 members there and Mrs Jones gave a talk on her experience in France and in a German prison camp.

We got home at 12-10 PM

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