Friday, Sept 29, 1944

273rd day – 93 days follow

Mrs. H went to Boston today to a funeral ceremony for Billy Long, a friend of Harry’s and bId’s, he was killed in the South Pcific area.

The announcement of the M.A.S semi Annual meeting came today.

Worked at the foot of the drive and mowed lawns.

Saw a black snake this noon, it was about four feet long.

Saw a pair of old quail and three young ones, they were about the size of sparrows.

Pic brought David over to spend the afternoon.

Thel and Elanor are knitting.

Took a walk down by the Beach Club on the way back from work.

Went over to see Percy tonight. Harry wanted me to find out if he could tell or know anything about the pewter cup that was dug up at the mouth of the river. 

Percy could tell me nothing.

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