Wednesday, Oct. 4, 1944

278th day – 88 days follow

Saw a tiny green snake and a large flock of crows.

The carpenters finished up on the barn doors today.

The freezing unit in the barn went leaky today and spoiled a small pif that was in it, so I had a pig to bury.

Henry Holmes was up working on the oil burner this morning and he got stuck and didn’t know what to do to make it run right so Lewis Briar came up at 7 PM and I was up there and it took him about 15 minutes to fix it.

On the way back I stopped in to see Pic and Walder and stayed till 10-30 PM. He and I played 5 games of cribbage and I won 2.

Called up First Sergeant Wall and told him why I couldn’t be at drill.

Thel went up to the Tobb House with the Musicalanius Club for their ninth anniversary.

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