Thursday, Oct. 5, 1944

279th day – 87 days follow

Worked all day limbing out the trees in the grove and am darn tired tonight.

Thel is going to have Frank Holman’s truck to bring the beds she is to buy from Lottie Dunton home.

Saw Charlie Fraser at noon, he is going to put a new window in the little room off our bedroom.

I had a letter from Dr. Jo. Brew today and he sent me a printed guarantee of the care of my specimens that they borrowed at the Museum, he said they have twelve of my specimens on exhibition in the Peabody Museum.

I took some snapshots of the trees I am working on.

Ski has gone over to take care of Conrad. 

Wrote a letter to Harry Hornblower in Washington and one to Dr. J.O. Brew, Harvard Museum.

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