Saturday, Oct. 7, 1944

281st day – 85 days follow


Fair and very warm today.

Stopped in to see Puc and Eric on my way home at noon, they are O.K. now.

Gave Archie some apples.

Bill Whiting came up after dinner and he and I went up to the dig, I found two dark felsite triangle arrowheads, very good, one larger but almost whole, two butts, a lot missing, one nice green hand hammer stone, one small piece of good quality graphite and two tiny shards of pottery.

After we finished digging we went over to Whipples plowed land in front of Jo. Boutines and hunted on the surface and found nothing.

Tilly came over tonight and she and Thel are making chicken pie for tomorrow.

Bill brought up a couple of watermelons he raised in his garden.

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