Sunday, Oct. 8, 1944

282nd day – 84 days follow

Went up on the hill and did the chores.

Foggy and drizzly this morning here.

Myron Holmes said that the sun is shining in Kingston.

This morning, Thel and I, Jubbie, Ed and Mrs. Holman went in our car and Archie, Cozette, Fannie, Myron, and his wife all went down to our camp.

Foggy when we first got there, then we had a couple of light showers then it cleared off for a fine afternoon.

Archie, Jubbie, and I fished before dinner. All we got was a few small red perch.

Then we had a swell chicken pie dinner.

Archie and I fished in the afternoon and caught nothing.

We came ashore and pitched horse shoes for a while.

Eleanor and Ski stayed at home.

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