Friday, Oct. 13, 1944

287th day – 79 days follow

Worked in the grove all day. Dave and family went back to Boston this morning. Thel took them up on her trip up to the hospital with May. 

Toot can wear his brace for ¾ of an hour.

Eleanor took me over to the barber shop so I could get a haircut. I saw Rusty Rounds. Bobbie Nickerson, Adrian Whiting and Ernest Bureg and in the barber shop Adrian told me the bird that Percy was inquiring about was the Black Skimmer and that a flock of six had been seen at Cohasset.

Thel gave me a ride over to the Armory and a bunch of us did some 22 target practice, my score was 120 out of a 150.

Mr Packard gave Paul Goodwin and I a ride home.

Got home at 9-50 P.M.

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