Saturday, Oct. 14, 1944

288th day – 78 days follow

Went up on the hill and fixed the fires.

Thel took me over to the foot of the Samoset St where Charlie Sherman picked me up and we went up to the Green and picked up Bill Whiting.

THen we followed Edlen Sherman’s car up to the University Club at 40 Trinity Place where teh M.A.S. was holding its annual meeting.

After the morning session Bill and I took a walk to Paronis and had dinner.

Then we came back for the afternoon and evening programs.

We ate supper there, Dr. Gurtes was the speaker of the evening and he was fine.

I got reelected second vice president. Charlie Sherman got on the board of Trustees.

Ben Smith gave Bill and I and Mr. Porg and Mr. Fargiston over to the Peabody Museum to look at the new exhibit of Mass culture. My artifact from the red paint grave looked pretty good.

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