Friday, Oct. 20, 1944

294th day – 72 days follow

This morning I took my gun and went thru Hartwells over in back of Huck’s and across the road by Geo Warde, saw Geo, went up around his potato patch then swung over along the line that was surveyed out for the new proposed highway.

Jumped a partridge twice without seeing it, to thick scrub, could have short grey squirrel, never do that.

Went up around Bubbin’s and down along the river to Coot Hathaways. Saw three men hunting in Zene Longfordes, they had a pointer and a setter. The young fellow of the group said he found an Indian skull in the sand at the top of the gravel topped hill.

Came home to dinner.

Thel and the girls all went up to Boston, took May up to see Toot.

Fixed Aunt Tirzah’s garage door.

Picked up some apples and pulled some radishes.

Betty Covell and the Carle girl were here and each bought a sweater from Eleanor.

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