Friday, Oct. 27, 1944

301st day – 65 days follow

Took a ride over to town and paid my water tax, bought a duck stamp and paid my Mortg a year in advance and paid my water tax and applied for a renewal of my permit to carry a pistol.

This afternoon I worked on the trees down the drive.

A bunch of crows lit in a pitch pine over back of the barn, I shot one.

After work I took a walk down the river as far as Manters Point, sat down for ½ an hour watching the duck hunters. There were four groups of them that had blocks out, one guy had a pair and a trio light into him and he got them all, none of the others had a shot.

Helen Covell was in here when I got home, a lot of discussions about Janet.

Ski is working up at the store only weekends now.

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