Saturday, Oct. 28, 1944

302nd day – 64 days follow


High east wind and drizzle. Cool.

Fixed up the windows to the dog pen so the wind won’t blow in on the dogs bed.

Came home along the river saw nothing to shoot. Quite a lot of shooting down on the beach.

Bill called up after dinner, he said he would stop here on his way back from So. Pond.

He showed up about 2 PM and we took a ride over to Duxbury and dug in a shell site between 3 and 3A routes, about the poorest place I have dug in yet, all I got was two broken pieces. Bill did a little better. We quit at 5 PM as it was drizzly, dark, and cold.

When we got home I went up on the hill and fed the dogs.

Ski worked at the store today.

Thel took Evelyn home at 7 PM.

I and Bill saw a rabbit over in Duxbury where we dug.

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