Monday, Oct. 30, 1944

304th day – 62 days follow

Put away porch and lawn furniture for the winter.

Saw a sparrow hawk and a lot of crows.

Took the 12-30 bus over to town and saw Geo Crowell, went up to the office of Dr. Douglas and he drilled out three of my teeth, drilled out and filled.

Got back to work about 3 PM and took down some of the awnings.

Stopped in to see Pick on the way home from work. David was asleep. Eric was fine.

Arnice and her daughter were there, Thel and Eleanor had been there but left.

The kids are out tonight wearing Halloween masks.

One Reply to “Monday, Oct. 30, 1944”

  1. The dentist Dr. Douglas gives me a chill even now. When I was 5 I had a baby tooth that was crooked and broke. He drilled and filled it. I screamed and cried and he slapped me across the face then finished. Later in Coast Guard, the dentist found I had extremely deep nerve endings. They got a surgeon to freeze my mouth and I was fine.


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