Sunday, Oct. 29, 1944

303rd day – 63 days follow

The wind changed in the night and it is blowing as hard from the west this morning as it was from the east for the past two days.

When I went up on I took a walk along the beach as far as the Bath House, there were about 30 cars there looking at the breakers, that were running over into the river, the spray from the breakwater was higher than Berts.

Percy came over and said Ski’s boat had to be taken care of.

Thel, Eleanor, Ski and I went down to the camp and pulled up the boat for the winter.

This afternoon Ski and I started to go down to look at the boat when we met Nora and Martha with their truck and they went down with us and we had a heck of a job, she was full of sea weed and water and jammed up against other dories.

Finally we got her out and on the truck and landed her up at Aunt T’s garage.

When I was going up on the hill tonight a twin motor plane came over low and I waved my hat and it flew around in a big circle and came right back over me and dipped his right wing 3 times.

Ski went up to a Halloween party.

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