Wednesday, Nov. 1, 1944

306th day – 60 days follow

Put in a whole day cleaning up the lawns and flower beds.

After I ate my dinner, I saw a very large hawk flying over the marsh showing a large white rump.

Took the 7 P.M. bus over to the armory, there was only 12 men in the ranks the smallest group we have had yet.

I didn’t march tonight as Ihave a lame leg from a fall I got on the back steps up on the hill.

Deane gave me a ride as far as JBs corner.

When I got home Bob and Gretchen were here and stayed till 12 P.M.

I played Bob three games of crib and won them all.

Bob said he and Gretchen were getting married Nov 11.

Thel let Bobbie drive her car home.

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