Thursday, Nov. 2, 1944

307th day – 59 days follow

Cleaned up the barn and worked in the flower beds.

Saw Carl Bolt on my way home from work, he has had some more of his teeth out and he looks thin. He said he has seen a couple of deer around the C.C.

Stopped in to see Pic and Eric. Mary and Conrad were there, Erid has had his hair cut and he looks good,

Thel went to town and bought six new sheets and when she got home she found she had 12.

The glass went up to 60 in the shade.

Lots of crows and blue jays around.

I dug up my peanuts about a week ago and hung them up in the garage to cure. I went in to see how they were drying and the mice had eaten every one, I didn’t have one to taste.

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