Saturday, Nov. 4, 1944

309th day – 57 days follow


Bill Whiting came up after dinner and he and I went up to the Browns dig and we dug two squares, the first had nothing in it but one round pit 11 inches across and 18 inches deep nothing in it but fine brown hummus and a few shells.

The second had a large pit 24 in by 25 and 11 inches deep, this one had a lot of deer leg bones and three good sized pieces of very red, grit tempered pottery.

There was a pit touching this one on the north side that had what Bill thinks is six bone beads, one arrowhead and some deer bones and horn, also some clam and mussel shell and a lot of goose fish teeth.

Bill found one broken spear point that was a honey when whole, I found a lot of tiny pieces of shell tempered pottery, thin and rather poor material. I found one nice broken arrow point.

Thel said Toot is back at the Jordan Hospital which is good news.

She’s got a letter from Milt and one from Tommy.

My Indian relics arrived back from the Peabody Museum in Cambridge. They kept some of my stuff to exhibit.

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