Friday, Nov. 3, 1944

308th day – 58 days follow

Saw a downy woodpecker and a male chewink up on the hill.

Bob Fogarty was up this morning, he had a sign he thought was mine but it was H.H.s.

Took a walk along the beach as far as the Beach Club and saw that Bobbie Nickerson has the pool full of muskrat traps. It is a shame to trap them now as most of them are only half grown.

Helen Covell was here tonight.

Thel and Eleanor went over to Pete Winters to a shower for Gretchen that is going to marry Bob.

I went over to play crib with Walder and he won 5 out of 7 games.

I rather expected the folks to come up on the hill tonight but noone has shown up yet.

Thel went to Boston today, she took Geo Holman’s wife and boy up to the hospital and ran over to Winthrops and saw Dottie, she and Dave are coming down next Saturday week from tomorrow.

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