Thursday, Nov. 9, 1944

314th day – 52 days follow


Carl Bolt came up on the hill this morning and he gave me a ride up to the Golf course to see the hurricane damage to trees up there.

There was a bunch of eight birds on the fairway, looked like peeps but almost as large as a pigeon.

Drained out the pools and took the roaches over to the river, there was ten of them

I went up to the Church supper tonight. Rode up with Arthur Wood and he said that he and Josie had been up to the Golf course to see those eight birds and they said they are Hump backed sand pipers.

When Thel came home she said they collected over 70.00 at the supper.

I saw a flock of quail about 16 in back of the barn on the hill.

I took the Roaches over from the little pool and put them in H.H. river pool and I looked in their flower garden and found one of the finest small white arrowheads I ever saw.

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