Saturday, Nov. 11, 1944

316th day – 50 days follow


Went up on the hill and did the chores, came and stopped in at Picks on the way back, when I got to the corner of Cliff Street a fellow came along and offered me a ride towards town, so I rode over as far as Bill’s trout brook and then I walked up to the nook plowed land, hunted there about an hour when Bill Whiting showed up. I had three good arrowheads and one scraper, and a few broken pieces then.

We hunted there about an hour longer and I found a large grooved sinker and some broken pieces.

Then we rode over and took a look at Henry Jordan’s house. Bill is interested in it for a friend of his, a Mr. Meyers.

Thel, Dave, Dottie, Eleanor and I went to the M.E. Church to Bobbie’s wedding at 5 P.M. After the wedding Thel and Eleanor came home and the rest of us went up to Peter Winters to the reception.

Walder, Pic, Dave, and Dot had supper here and Walder took me up on the hill and Thel took Dave and Dot over to the station. They are going home on the same train that Bob and Gretchen start their honey moon on.

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