Sunday, Nov. 12, 1944

317th day – 49 days follow

Got up this morning and went up on the hill and did the chores.

Mr. H gave me a ride as far as PIck’s. He went down to the beach club.

Pick, Walder, Eric and David are fine.

I took the 12-30 P.M. bus over to the Armory and the company marched out past the N.Ply theater and took our places in the Armistice Day parade.

We stopped at the Court House Green and dedicated the new Honor Roll and from there to the Training Green where they had several speakers, from there back to the Armory.

I came home and Geo and Bertha Les were here and they stayed to supper.

Thel drove them home.

Bobbie called Eleanor up he and his wife are back from Boston.

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