Friday, Nov. 17, 1944

322nd day – 44 days follow

Took a walk along the river on my way to work this morning, there was a lot of men on the beach after ducks, saw a crippled shelldrake at the bend of the river.

When I got up to the Beach Club I pulled my eel trap out of the river and there was the largest mink I ever saw in it and it had been dead long enough to be spoiled.

Too bad 15.00 too late in finding it.

I went over to the Armory tonight and when I got there I found there was going to be a guests night.

So I called up Thel and she and Ski came over. The Kingston, Middleboro, and Bridgewater Companies had an inspection and competition drill.

Middleboro won.

This was followed by movies in Tec color of the State Guard.

Coffee and doughnuts were served in the basement.

Saw a downey woodpecker.

Thel fell down on the steps and hurt her rump.

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