Saturday, Nov. 18, 1944

323rd day – 43 days follow


Shot at a starling flying over and killed it. I wanted to try out my new shells.

Eric is sick and David is over at Arniceri’s.

Mrs. Whiting called up and said Bill is sick in bed.

Thel and I went up to Sandersons to the Arch meeting and we had a full house. We stopped in at Bill Whitings on the way over, he was sick in bed and had the Dr., just missed the pneumonia. I took some of his artifacts to the meeting.

In the afternoon I went over to Walders. Bobbie was there so we three took a walk up the beach as far as the Hotel, from there we went up to a garden in the triangle of the roads, full of deer tracks but no arrowheads.

From there we walked the golf links over to Doten Road. The old Bill Henry land I used to work on has all been plowed up so we hunted there some.

I found one good quartz scraper and one gun flint and a stone I am kind of doubtful of.

Eleanor and Ski went to town.

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