Monday, Nov. 20, 1944

325th day – 41 days follow

When I got up on the hill this morning Mrs, H and Bud was there and it was good to see him again.

He and his mother went for an all day hunt as it is the last day of the season.

Worked chopping down trees on the drive.

Tarred the roof and painted Ealanor’s little room window.

Saw a good sized flock of geese and a downy wood pecker.

Ethel Swift was here this A.M. and she and Thel papered the nursery.

Bee Carver was in here after we had supper. Thel and Ski took her home.

Mrs. Wm Whiting called me up tonight and said Bill was feeling better tonight but was pretty sick yesterday.

Mrs, H called up tonight and said they would all be here Thanksgiving afternoon on their way to the Vineyard for some duck shooting.

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