Sunday, Nov. 19, 1944

324th day – 42 days follow

First fair day for ages.

This morning I cleaned the windows and put on the storm windows.

This afternoon there was a turkey shoot over at the sand pit, there was a good crowd there, the fellowship was running it.

Dick Adams won one turkey and Bobbie Davis, John’s boy, won the other.

Viola Black was over here for supper.

I hope it is fair and warm tomorrow so I can fix the roof.

Walder and I shot and got a tie.

All of the females of Geo Stephani’s family came over to look at Eleanor’s shower display.

Elaine Driscoll was in to see it too.

Mrs H called up at 930 PM and said that she and Bud are coming down tonight so I went up on the hill and started up the hot water heater and turned up the what and left a couple of lights on for them.

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