Monday, Dec. 4, 1944

339th day – 27 days follow

This morning Carl Bolt called for me at 7.30 AM we went up to the Golf Links, we found a doe’s track.

Carl went around the crossroad and took a stand, I worked out the trail and found her bed and she was scared out of it. I tracked her about fifty yards and she jumped and I shot twice at her and missed. She ran out right close to Carl and he didn’t see her.

Then we went up to Colton Pond and tracked three deer for about half an hour and saw them running on the hill across from us, I fired 3 balls at them, no soap.

I took up the trail and Carl went and took a stand, I trailed them for about two hours and finally quit as they keep going further from the car. So I started back and I ran across fresh tracks going the way I was so I followed them and walked right on top of them and fired 3 more balls, no soap. 

Never saw such deer hunting for me, should have got a deer for both of us.

Bud called me up tonight telling me to be sure and not get shot.

Charlie Fraser Jr came in to see me tonight, no comments.

Pic came over this afternoon.

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