Tuesday, Dec. 5, 1944

340th day – 26 days follow

This morning Carl and I went up to Cotton Pond and where we parked our car yesterday someone cleaned two deer after we left for home.

We hunted for a couple of hours in back of Cotton Pond,

Then an hour or so around Bloody Pond, lots of tracks in that district from there we went down by Big Sandy, saw nothing but rabbit tracks in that vicinity.

Then we came back on to the Long Pond Road dump and met the old Waltham bunch, they have hunted around there for the last ten years.

We hunted with them the rest of the afternoon, we tracked a few deer but saw none.

We came home at 4-30 so I went up on the hill and checked up on the place.

Came home around the river by the Beach Club.

Thel was over to Clara Litchfields giving a Club Tea.

Ski had Eric and Davvie here this afternoon.

Found a loaded 16 gage shell.

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