Wednesday, Dec. 6, 1944

341st day – 25 days follow

Carl and I went up around Beaver Dam Pond road over to Cotton Pond.

We hunted all the morning around Bloody Pond, met a fellow by the name of Weeks who said had some Indian Relics.

At noon we picked up seven more, one woman and six men and we hunted all the afternoon as a group.

We hunted through several sections of woods and started nothing at all.

There was a doe shot by Clam Pudding pond.

When I got home I heard that Frank Thmas committed suicide by shooting this morning.

Thel, Ski, and I went up on the hill and got some spruce cones.

Dave called up to inquire about Eleanor and the rest of the family and said he would try to get down before xmas, but if not at xmas anyway.

I went to primary school with Frank up at So. Pond when I first went to school here. He has always been a little odd.

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