Friday, Dec. 8, 1944

343rd day – 23 days follow

This morning Carl and I went up to the Country Club and waited there till the fellows from Quincy showed up, then we waited half an hour and the others did not show up.

There were deer tracks all over the place and we hunted till about noon and the other guy got lost and it took us quite a while before we found him.

I saw a wren this morning, the same size as a house wren, only darker in color.

Carl brought me home at 1 PM. and I went up on the hill and got the house ready for the folks tonight.

When I got home from work and found Pick, Eric, David, Eleanor and her baby were here.

Went over to the farm and got some vegetables and milk.

Raining hard tonight.

There was an awful lot of birds up on the hill today, flickers and downey woodpeckers.

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