Saturday, Dec. 9, 1944

344th day – 22 days follow


Mary and Martha and the cook and the dog were up on the hill this morning. I got the rose beds ready for winter.

Martha’s dog had a fit this morning.

Bill Whiting came up and he and I went up to the dig, we put two bags of pine needles over the pottery then some parvid paper, some loose earth and some sod, from there we went up along the Symington’s fence.

Saw two partridges at Quake’s Tavern and both of them had at least three white feathers about the middle of the wing. 

From there we went up around Long Pond, Barkers bogs, Deer Pond, White Island, Big Sandy beach, home the same way back, we caught up to Carl Bolt at Quakes Tavern. I got in with him and we went over to the Golf Links and stayed till dark.

So ends another deer season.

Eleanor had a lot of company this afternoon.

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