Saturday, Dec. 16, 1944

351st day – 15 days follow

Cloudy and warmer

Put salt hay on the flower beds.

Went over to the store and gave Henry three dollars $3.00 to give his father for mowing my cemetery lot.

Ruth and Helen Finney were in to see the baby.

Saw Dr. Bradley, had a talk with him about deer hunting.

After dinner I spread sea weed on the garden.

Walder came over and he and I went up to Bubbins swamp and got a couple of bushels of Bears grass.

Tilley was over here helping Thel get ready for the Meeting tonight.

The M.A.S. meeting was held here tonight, there was 23 here all told. We had a surprise for Bill Whiting, it was his birthday, and Thel had a swell cake for him.

We had some mistletoe and had a lot of fun catching people under it.

The party broke up at 12 P.M.

We went to bed 1½ hours later.

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