Saturday, Dec. 17, 1944

352nd day – 14 days follow

Went up on the hill and checked up, stopped in to see Pic and Eric on the way home. Eric has a large scar on his face where the rooster bit him.

Bill came in at noon and we went up to Charlie Sandersons to see if he would go arrowheading, he called up Adrian and we all went in Adrian’s car all over the Bridgewaters and the hunting was punk, altho Charlie did find a pretty fair axe.

I found one tiny white quartz point and the base of a beautiful grooved point.

Bill found nothing and he is not feeling so good.

When I got home I found that Bobbie and his wife had been here this afternoon.

We had the goose for supper and it was good.

This year is almost gone, wonder what is to happen next year.

I tracked a large buck deer on one of the pieces we hunted, he had been out on it just a short while before we were there as the tracks were in the thawed out mud.

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