Wednesday, Dec. 27, 1944

362nd day – 4 days follow

Cold and clear.

Worked on the trees today.

Mrs. Greenwood

Mrs Hornblower called me up and gave me a message for Ernest Peters.

Took a note over to Ernest.

Called up Mr. Roberts at the Cordage about the blue print of the sign, he said he has got it and will mail it to me.

Mrs Greenwood and Drucy slept in the house up on the hill last night.

Mr. G came and got them this AM, he and Ricky slept in their manoment house last night.

John Finney came up this PM and said his gang will be up tomorrow to work on the trees.

Rode over to Drill with Eleanor, she went down to Mabbits to help on the book keeping.

We had a darn stiff night of drill tonight, I walked down to Mabbbits and got in the car and waited about ten minutes for Eleanor.

Snowing hard about two inches at 10 PM.

Thel had the club here tonight.

Took a look over the Beach Club.

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