Tuesday, Dec. 26, 1944

361st day – 5 days follow

Called Lewis Briar again this morning and got him.

Chopped wood and brush today.

A quail flew up against one of the windows on the hill, but didn’t hurt it any. They have killed themselves that way before.

Lewis Briar was here and fixed our furnace and stove burner.

Took down a whale of a pine tree this afternoon and filed up the crescent saw.

Eric was here when I got home from work and he stayed for supper. Ski is going to take him home and stay thru the evening as Pic and Walder are going out.

When I chopped down the pine tree it was dead, been killed by borers, a chickadee came and hunted all over the stump for grubs. Only about two feet from where I was sawing.

Saw lights at 10 PM up in Martha’s room so I called up and Drucy Greenwood  answered, she said she and her mother are in the house for a couple of days.

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