Sunday, Dec. 31, 1944

366th day – the last day

Well this is the last day of 1944.

I hope the war will end in our favor soon in 45.

Went up on the hill and started up the hot water, came home by Picks, noone there but the pups, so I went down to the Beach Club and looked it over, then around Manters Point and down by the foot of the lane and over as far as Bates wharf, took a walk up thru Bate’s field, it is all growing up to shoulders high cedars.

Thirty years ago it was the best hay land in town.

Went up Hartwells drive to the top of the hill and home.

Thel and Ski went to church.

Al Holman’s and Richard Vaughns wives were in for a few minutes to look at the baby.

Went up on the hill tonight and saw Dimp and had a long talk with her about Harry and Hank.

Mr H came in and they gave me a ride home.

Eleanor took me over as far as Toots and I spent an hour or so with him, Mr McGee was there.

2 Replies to “Sunday, Dec. 31, 1944”

  1. THANK YOU for sharing your family diary! Every morning I enjoy reading the daily news of many years ago. Life was honest and true to one’s character in the care of family, neighbors and friends. Also, the deep love of the Chiltonville land and animals. Life was pure and uncomplicated, hard work even with WW II concerns always in their minds and in the news, air and sea around Plymouth.

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