Monday, Jan. 1, 1945

1st day – 364 days follow

Rain Temp 55

Warm and showers (Heavy)

Worked up on the hill all the morning.

Mr H. Mrs H and Dimp was there. Ernest was there when I first got there.

Saw a weasel chase a red squirrel up a 25 foot pitch pine, the squirrel went up clear to the top of the and jumped straight off on to the ground. The weasel ran back down the tree then off after the squirrel on the ground.

A sparrowhawk flew by me in front of the garage about six feet from me and about shoulder high.

We had a big crowd here to dinner. Archie’s family and Eddie’s and Fannie Holamn and Mr. McGee, after dinner we all played poker, Archie gave me a ride up on the hill. Ned Burgess and his wife were there.

Mrs. H gave me an envelope from Richard Greenwood, there was five dollars in it for an xmas present.

Boy did it rain and blow up on the hill.

Archie took the minister over to the 8 PM train and me up on the hill again to close the garage down.

Mr. H called up and said he had opened it and the wind was so strong he couldn’t close it.

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