Sunday, Jan. 7, 1945

7th day – 358 days follow

Temp 30

Easterly wind and a snow storm.

We got up late this morning and right after breakfast someone called me up and asked me to stay here as he would be here in a few minutes.

A few minutes later Eleanor got a call and it was from one of George’s sisters and she said they had a telegram stating that Tommy Fugazzi is missing.

George’s sister came over to see Eleanor as there seemed to be some kind of a mix up.

Helen Finney was over and Eleanor made out her income tax.

Fanny Holmns was over here.

Ski and I went out with Church pledge, we didn’t have much luck.

Archie took me up to the Church to turn in the pledge cards, Linda Ward, Irene Rounds and Mrs Triglawn served a fine supper to the community.

Howard Hairs and Arthur Wood could not come to the supper there were ten there.

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