Monday, Jan. 8, 1945

8th day – 357 days follow

Temp 25

Cloudy all day, rained last night then froze and all the grass, shrubs, and trees are coated with ice, if the sun comes up tomorrow morning it will be a beautiful sight.

Thel got a tel call at noon and there was a fire up at Toots, in Betty’s bedroom, caused by an overheated oil stove, it burned out two windows and casings and most of Betty’s personal property.

Thel brought the two boys down here for the rest of the day.

Burned up pine and spruce limbs all day in the groove, Steve Treglawn came over where I was bruning for a short visit.

Ski and Jubbie were up on the hill on skies.

Stopped in to see Pick and the boys on the way home from work.

Eleanor got a letter from Eddie he had just heard about her baby.

May got her hands face and hair burned some on the fire.

Caught a deer mouse in Mrs. H’s closet.

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