Monday, Jan. 22, 1945

22nd day – 343 days to follow

Temp 34

Fair and warmer started to snow about 4 P.M.

Burned brush all day on the front drive.

Pic and the boys were here all day.

Walder was here with them for dinner.

I think I tracked a pheasant on the front drive.

ELeanor’s baby got a 25 dollar bond and a 5 dollar bill for a christening present yesterday.

Thel is planning to go up to Boston tomorrow with the Hathaways.

Walder said that Ida wants 6,000 for her home and one lot and 2,000 for the rest of the land.

I heard this morning that there was no hope for Mrs. Adrian Whiting, tonight I heard she had rallied and has a good chance now.

Called up Capt. Goodwin and told him I might not be to drill Wed Night.

Got a letter from Harry Hornblower from somewhere in France.

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