Sunday, Jan. 21, 1945

21st day – 344 days to follow

Fair and warmer.

Went up on the hill and spread around some chick grain for the quail.

Stopped in to see the Engstroms on the way home. 

Eleanor took the gremlin over to be christened.

Thel and I went over to Stephani’s and we stayed there a couple hours.

We came home around Warren Avenue and went over to Picks for an hour.

Mrs. Adrian Whiting is up in the Deaconess Hospital and reported to be in a coma. She has diabetes.

I brought this toboggan home from Walder.

The afternoons are growing noticeably longer now.

Ski went out with the kids coasting.

Thel went up to Karl Rounds to a Church board meeting.

Irene hurt her back coasting.

Burned a heck of a lot of brush this past week.

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