Wednesday, Jan. 24, 1945

24th day – 341 days to follow

Temp 26


Fair and cold in Plymouth, snow flurries in Boston.

Thel and I took the 7 AM bus over to the station and the train to Boston.

We got there before the stores were open.

We went into four stores before I bought an overcoat, then I got two sleeveless sweaters, a pair of gloves, and a pair of rubbers for my dress up shoes.

We had a good dinner and then Thel bought some stuff for herself and some for Aki and Eleanor.

We came back to the So Station and went to the movies till train time.

When we got to Plymouth we missed the bus back so we went into Poippies and had our supper.

When we got home Elba Grey was here playing cards with the girls and she stayed till 10 PM.

Ethel Phillips her niece Mary Low Harire and Helen Holmes went up to Boston to go to the cat show.

I saw Geo Crowell in Pioppies and found out from him how long to cut the Spruce logs.

It is going to be quite cold tonight still very slippery on the back roads.

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