Thursday, Jan. 25, 1945

25th day – 340 days to follow


Temp 0/6

Fair and very cold this morning.

I saw a small flock of 16 geese flying around, they must be in the harbor for the winter.

Stopped in at Picks on the way back from the hill.

Pic gave me a $50 bond Eleanor had Walder get for her.

Also two plans of the land on Cliff St.

Ski got a letter from Alex.

I got a card from Mr Barden of Attlboro.

Ruth Finney called up Thel and said that Billy Hutton has died, he lived in the old Clark house on Doten Road.

This is the coldest darn day we have had yet, I stayed at home this afternoon as it was too cold to work up on the field.

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