Friday, Jan. 26, 1945

26th day – 339 days to follow


Jerry Frazer

Temp 0

Clear and damn cold.

The harbor is frozen over out as far as Beach Point.

We heard today that Jerry Frazer had lost both his legs in France.

Al Holmes is home. I hear that one ship he was on was torpedoed in the Channel.

Went up on the hill and checked up there was a lot of crows around and one blue jay.

After dinner Ski Thel and I went over to town, I bought a pain of glass and a lock for Claire’s garage.

Tried at Jordans and Greg Cooper to get some bird grain, no luck.

Saw Geo Homes in front of Jordans.

I used to go to school up at So. Pond with him.

Saw Fannie Holman in Town.

Ethel Swift rode home with us.

Mailed a letter to Harry Hornblower in France and one to his father in Boston. 

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