Saturday, Feb. 3, 1945

34th day – 331 days to follow

Temp 36

Dog bite

Fair and warmer.

I went over to H.H. greenhouse to see Steve Treglawn, his dog bit me in the calf right leg and drew blood in two places.

After dinner I took a walk over to Walders, there was a black duck in the brook down by the barbwire fence.

I set a trap in the brook at the mouth of the culvert.

Walder, Pick, and the kids went down to the Beach Club and Walder and Pic skated on the tennis court.

There was a lot of shelldrakes in the river.

Thel went up to the hospital to see Helen Downie.

Ski lost a Ten Dollar Bill on the trip around the mill. Thel went up to the store and made it good.

Eleanor took the gremlin on her longest trip, out as far as Samoset St and back in her buggy.

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